Professional Information

This website is dedicated to my literature related professional side. However, this section will provide additional information about my business related background.

My area of expertise is the renewable energy field, more precisely the business development of distributed energy systems, including on-grid and offgrid/hybrid systems.

Furthermore, I have a deep interest and growing knowledge in the field of applying distributed energy systems into cities in order to secure energy supply while maximizing sustainability, competitiveness and local resource usage. I am also interested in applying technology to improve daily activities performed within cities in order to improve citizens’ quality of life. In other words, I am interested in collaborating on the development of Smart Cities, more precisely the city/state of Singapore.

Other areas of interest are technology, artificial intelligence, innovation and entrepreneurship, business modeling, health related as well as arts.

I am an active, determined MBA graduate with strong strategy and communication skills, proven team member, customer-oriented and focused on efficient challenge resolution. Well-rounded in managerial capabilities, and recognized as a creative, results-oriented leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

My specialities are: Internationalization, strategic thinking, strategy development, business development, project and people management, supplier management, customer satisfaction, team building, market research, brand creation and communication, creative thinking, writing, communication between technical and economical/creative people.

For additional information, please send me an email to and/or visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking here. Thanks for your interest.